Thor: 10 Beatdowns He Should've Never Survived

Thor Odinson is one of the most shrewd, kindest, and most grounded legends shielding Earth from whatever no matter what. Thor's additionally one of the most anime of all time seasoned legends around and has hundreds of years of experience doing combating pretty much everything without exception you can envision.

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Throughout the centuries, Thor's won a lot of fights – however relatively few of those triumphs have come effectively. What's more, here and there, Thor faces adversaries that show signs of improvement of him in the most exceedingly awful conceivable way. Today, we're going to take a gander at ten beatdowns that Thor shouldn't have endure. In any event, thinking about his authentic nature, a portion of the Odinson's following accomplishments basically shouldn't be conceivable!

Publicizing 10 Punches WITH THE JUGGERNAUT


There are two sorts of legends in the Marvel Universe – the individuals who can go head to head with the Juggernaut and the individuals who can't. Thor falls into the principal camp, however it doesn't mean it's a simple matchup for the Norse Thunder God.

This section notices back to a fight wherein Cain Marko beat the flashes out Thor – whipping the God of Thunder severely enough to draw blood and scarring the zone where they conflicted with Thor-held onto cavities! However Thor endure this beatdown and figured out how to settle the score with Marko soon a short time later.


Wonder likes to play reckless with Norse Mythology, continually patching up and including new characters to Norse Lore. The Dark Gods are a gathering of characters that loan trustworthiness to that guarantee – they're basically malevolent partners to the Aesir, just they're far pettier and increasingly agnostic towards people.

Thor inadvertently discharged the Dark Gods from their jail some time back and needed to fight with Perrikus soon thereafter. Perrikus brutalized the Odinson, coordinating Thor blow for blow with his wicked quality



Electro doesn't get enough credit, as we would like to think; he's a lowlife who doesn't simply control power, however whose body is included living lightning (contingent upon which variant of the character we're discussing!) Spider-Man makes managing Electro look simple, yet this current person's more perilous than the vast majority think.

For example, Electro once put a stun to Thor's framework when his forces were supported. To be explicit, Electro was hitting Thor with against issue impacts. In the event that he were battling anybody, there most likely wouldn't be anything left however cinders!


Prior, we referenced that battling the Juggernaut is an incredible path for legends to test their guts. Overwhelming hitters like the Thing and She-Hulk have bested Marko through sheer resolve and beast quality. Be that as it may, different characters have depended on their aptitudes and battle IQ to win. Characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Cyclops are among the absolute most gifted and shrewd warriors in the Marvel Universe.

At the point when Cyclops picked up the intensity of the Phoenix Force during AvsX, he yet the cerebrums and the strength together to give Thor one serious beatdown! Cyclops shot Thor with an improved form of his Optic Blast that would've dissolved any other individual into tar, yet not Thor.


From time to time, individuals ask "who's the most grounded Avenger?" As much as we love Captain America and Ant-Man, things for the most part come down to Thor and Hulk.

Both saints have earned a lot of triumphs over the other man, making it that a lot harder to address the underlying inquiry. We'll state this, in any case – the best anime of all time list Hulk as a rule hammers Thor at whatever point he wins.

5 Takes care of business WITH GORR

Another character that almost made Thor surrender the apparition was Gorr the God Butcher. Consistent with his name, Gorr slaughtered incalculable gods in an offer to free the multiverse of every authentic being. Normally, Thor rose up to put a stop to Gorr's arrangements.

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Be that as it may, All-Black the Necrosword engaged Gorr – making him sufficiently able to molly slam a Thor from an earlier time, present, and future! It took the aggregate of the Thor: God of Thunder miniseries for the Odinson to best Gorr. What's more, generally, the God Butcher spent the main part of that storyline ruling Thor.


Each Marvel saint has a similarly disgusting archnemesis to keep them on their toes. The best saints, in any case, will in general have a few adversaries that need their heads on pikes. Bug Man has the Sinister Six, and Iron Man has the Ten Rings. Be that as it may, Thor's extraordinary; he should wrangle with divine beings and beasts routinely to shield Asgard.

The Destroyer defensive layer was made to help ensure the home of the Aesir, yet miscreants will in general use it for the exact inverse reason. In an especially fierce fight, Thor had his tissue about singed off by an amped up Destroyer – leaving him injured and crude, yet some way or another still alive.


In the a large number of years that they've known one another, Odin and Thor have basically never gotten into a physical altercation. Master knows they've contended on many occasions, yet things have never been awful enough to warrant a war among father and child. Be that as it may, previously, nonetheless, Odin wasn't wearing the Destroyer protection while he was in an especially terrible disposition.

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Blood yearned and encouraged with a weapon that can crush universes, Odin wasn't acting naturally. At the point when Thor attempted to take Odin back to his detects, the Thunder God got a perfect beatdown by his own dad! Only Thor's Asgardian blood and determination helped him endure this control stepping.


Nearby Hyperion, the Gladiator, and Nova, Sentry is one of the principal Marvel characters that fans contrast with Superman. Robert Reynolds imparts numerous forces to the Man of Steel and is one of only a handful barely any creatures who can battle enemies like the Hulk to a halt. Notwithstanding, Robert needs Clark Kent's ethical code and mental guts, regularly making him a peril to the regular folks he should ensure.

Demise Seed Sentry is the consequence of Robert retaining the intensity of an old Celestial ancient rarity. At the point when Death Seed Sentry got maniacal, Thor attempted to quiet him down. For his issues, the Sentry hit Thor with a punch hard enough to shake a whole outsider planet by its establishment! Be that as it may, the Sentry didn't hit with enough power to down the Odinson.


Thanos presumably holds the record for doling out savage beatdowns to legends and reprobates the same. Ask Annihilus and the Avengers – they'll give you declarations of how incredible Thanos depends on their firsthand records!

During the 2013 Infinity miniseries, Thor by and by exchanged blows with Thanos – hitting the Mad Titan with the full may of Mjolnir more than once! Be that as it may, all that did was outrage Thanos further, driving him to thrash Thor into a bloody mess!

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